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Every gift of jewelry is a special occasion but too few pieces of jewelry are made to be worn for a lifetime. We work with couples to match designs to their style and how they live.
At Your Service

Tell Us Your Story.

Our jewelry advisors put your intentions first. From start to finish, materials to final fit, we focus on how your engagement jewelry fits your priorities, budget, and style.

Beyond Conflict Free

Curated Quality

We only offer select grades of either Certified Recycled or FairMined™ metal and responsibly-sourced gemstones. We're Manhattan's certified B Corp jeweler. 

Set Your Own Course

Made to Order

We work with you to tailor our premium designs to your taste. Once you have made your final choices, we confirm everything and then cast, polish, and finish the jewelry to your specification.

No Pressure

Simple Pricing

We charge a maximum of $5,000 for a design experience that covers wide range of styles from classic simplicity to more elaborate options. We curate and quote center stones separately.

Guaranteed Fit

Built for You and Ready for a Lifetime

Each ring is made to order. You receive a 3-D try-on of your ring before production. We also offer an annual protection plan that covers cleaning and routine repairs.

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