At Linhaus, we define our exclusive "Antique" collection as finely crafted jewelry that has been in existence for at least 100 years.

Our team's expertise repairing jewelry through decades has allowed us to curate pieces that are not only aesthetically reflective of an era, but are appreciated for their fine craftsmanship using handmade, traditional techniques. In many cases we have restored the work back to its original condition to be enjoyed again for generations to come.

We believe the function of jewelry is as important as it relates to the wearer's lifestyle, and are able to recommend whether or not a piece should be worn every day according to your every day activities. In addition, we are always available to help you maintain the jewelry as the piece becomes lived in and loved throughout the years.

Jewelry encompasses the stories of our lives. If you have an antique estate piece that could perhaps become part of someone else's story, contact us to help continue its legacy.