At Linhaus, we define our contemporary "Pre-Owned" jewelry as recent acquisitions that have been retired by our clients, and cannot be categorized into our "Vintage", "Antique" or "Repurposed" collections.

We believe that jewelry is often a reflection of an individual's style and moments - which are variables that can change over time. Unfortunately, we have seen many clients struggle with the poor resale value of typical jewelry - especially diamonds.

We created this section of our site in dedication to our clients who want fair pricing to re-sell their jewelry, and hope to connect buyers with consigners to offer above-trade pricing to both. Our specialists are able to verify the metal/gemstones are what they claim to be, and verify the authenticity needed when purchasing pre-owned jewelry.

The industry's outlook on the depreciation of jewelry can be a difficult concept to navigate. If you need transparent advice on re-selling pieces you no longer wear, feel free to reach out to our trustworthy experts here.

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