At Linhaus, we define our authentic "Repurposed" collection as inventively transformed jewelry that has had a previous function and/or design.

Our commitment to developing solutions that shy away from a non-linear story of - Produce>Use>Destroy - runs deep. Linhaus's "alchemists" have been experimenting with recycling gold for over a decade from various sources - including refineries, irredeemable estate jewelry, discarded electronics, and more.

We believe the sheer nature of the materials used in fine jewelry is intrinsic to the concept of repurposing. Unlike the second generation of a plastic bottle, for example, melting down precious metals and recycling gemstones does not loose their value nor compromise their quality.

Linhaus has been known to create magic with jewelry. If there is a piece that no longer fits your style and want to repurpose the materials into a completely new look, contact our jewelry wizards here.