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At Linhaus we did not set out to create an engagement ring company, we set out to change the way couples get engaged now and in the future. Our mission is to help fully engage couples in a close and meaningful relationship as they begin their journey together.

While many engagement and wedding brands focus on the ring and the moment, Linhaus empowers couples to personally design their own unique, lasting commitment through a shared experience.

We recognize that all relationships are organic, always growing and evolving. As your tastes and styles change over time, we want the ring you created to be as loved and cherished tomorrow as it is today. Our Heirlooming service allows you to redesign your ring with the original materials so the sentiment behind it lasts a lifetime.


One of the most beautiful characters in the English language, the ampersand, connotes a coming together, pairs, duets, and a shared journey that is uniquely you & me.

Many see it as a more intimate relationship than the spelling of “a-n-d.” After all, there’s less distance between the words ‘You & Me’ vs. ‘You and Me.’

The Linhaus Ampersand embodies the sweeping curves of a calligraphic character that represents our artisanal techniques and design. The bold sculpted form is both contemporary and infinite, symbolizing love everlasting. Its open form reminds us that we are always changing and evolving. On our journey, there’s always an “and” suggesting more to come.

The Linhaus Ampersand engraved on the inside of your ring assures you that you’re getting a distinctive, original design, superior quality and lasting value.

Love, always.