The Helix


Omar had originally asked for a coil ring that wrapped around the finger five times, with significant space in between each coil. I advised the concept would be great for a fashion ring; but perhaps not an every-day ring. So, a playoff to that design was proposed: hand-sculpted tapered wires that interact with one another and merge into one band. This way the top view can achieve the look Omar originally wanted, but the tapering in the back is cleverly engineered to be comfortable for Amisha’s daily activities. For further ornament, two delicate rows of Micro-pavé diamonds were hand-set in platinum and boldly compliment the main stone, which is a gorgeous Round Brilliant cut. The interplay between all structures leaves a dynamic and ornate sculpture that we consider one of our finest pieces.

Repurposed heirloom diamond; white diamond pavé set in Platinum with a high polish finish. This ring was completely hand-fabricated from scratch with all pieces formed, filed and soldered.