Our Values

Working Transparently from Mine To Market

Linhaus strives to operate with the best footprint possible. A certified B corporation, we support artisans and use responsibly-sourced precious metals, recycled metals and gemstones.


Made in NYC

Participating in the long history of New York as a city of artisans, Linhaus works with key partners within a three block radius of our jewelry studio. This permits us to maintain a great relationship with our partners and produce a high level of craftsmanship for you.

100% Recycled Metals

A member of Ethical Metalsmiths, we work exclusively with 18k gold and platinum. We work with recycled precious metals and FairMined™ metals.

Diamonds: Beyond Conflict Free

We guarantee our diamonds are primarily of recycled, Australian, Canadian, and Namibian origin. We offer select gemstone grades based on a decade of working in the jewelry trade.

Built For You

Our made to order production process maximizes fit and style and minimizes material waste. We put modern 3-D design and manufacturing in the service of you and a better world.